PUMA Hoops
MB.01 – Not From Here

When asked to describe what makes him great, Melo’s only answer is : “NOT FROM HERE.” So when PUMA gave him a signature shoe, the campaign had to be out of this world. Highlighting his superhuman talent, showcasing that brash style and playing tribute to his biggest influence: himself.

What did I just watch?

When PUMA announced that they were signing Melo to the Fam, we created short teasers that hinted at his out-of-this-world abilities and style of play.

MB.01 Launch

To launch Melo’s first signature shoe, the MB.01, we gave Melo full blown alien powers. From telekinesis to being everywhere on court at once, we rolled out these powers through videos revealing a new ability with each colorway drop. To pair with the out of this world moments we created a visual system that placed Melo and his MB.01s in deep space.

Rick & Morty

When PUMA gave LaMelo a signature shoe, they needed a partner that could match his 1-of-1 style. There’s only one duo in this multiverse able to match LaMelo’s energy. To announce the collab, we had Rick and Morty deliver the first pair to Melo himself in a handcrafted drone that took over the Charlotte skies. The shoes sold out online within seconds and even crashed the PUMA site.

Astral Projection

We continued the ‘Not From Here’ campaign for the remainder of the season by placing Melo in two places at once. Through the use 3D planetary backdrops and datamoshing video effects, we created a way for Melo to jump between the court and far away worlds.