PUMA Hoops

Since PUMA Hoops launched we had nonstop DMs from young fans to “shoot for you” or “write a beat for a video.”

Our strategy is called “Give Them the Keys,” so, we said yes.

We gave these young photographers, models, and musicians a shot, through a long running campaign that’s now featured hundreds of unknown creators. These aren’t influencers — they’re true fans, hungry to participate, and our deal was simple: We seed them unreleased product, along with disposable cameras or retro video cameras. They have the creative freedom to capture the product however they want, we have no idea what we’ll get back until the film is processed. They keep the product, we get the cameras back, and we tag them when we post their work on the official PUMA Hoops IG.

Step 01:
Listen to the kids.

The PUMA Hoops social channel was getting inundated with requests to shoot, model, film, and direct. We decided to give them the opportunity to build the brand with us.

Step 02
Give them the Keys

We sent out a pair of shoes and disposable cameras to avid fans. They keep the shoes and we share the camera.

Step 03
Archive the Process

We created a zine to catalogue the amazing talent and their work.

Step 04
Take It to the Next Level

With the success of the images from the disposable camera we were interested in what our fans could do with a video camera.