PUMA Hoops
Clyde Hardwood

In Fall 2019, PUMA created a new basketball shoe called the Clyde Hardwood. The release of the show was lead with three colorways that they called the ‘Prep Pack.’ Leading up to the product’s launch day, we posted to social a content series featuring three PUMA Basketball athletes: Terry Rozier, Kevin Knox and RJ Barrett. Each video focused on one athlete playing an unexpected sport. We collabed with the NYC-based clothing brand Rowing Blazers to create custom PUMA Hoops blazers that were worn in the series.

Further supporting the product launch, we held an event activation on New York’s East River by placing a basketball court on a barge for a day. You read that right. The event was further programmed by partnering with SLAM to host a dunk contest and 1v1 tournament on the floating court. An invite only VIP party concluded the event that evening with influencers and athletes from the PUMA network.